Our greatest strength is in our unparalleled partnership. Our team consists of four of the best leaders who are specialised in their respective fields with expertise and years of experience in the field. They come together as one, bringing about infinite opportunities of development and progress.

Mohammad Ali Necholi


An overseas business tycoon, with years of experience in management, Mr. Muhammed Ali Necholi stands tall as the chairman of the Ether directors team. Known all around as the founder of the Sadhbhavana World School and also for his roles in several other business ventures, he forms the base of Ether that holds all the pillars together to stand strong and mighty.

Noushad Koyloth

Managing Director

With almost two decades of experience and expertise in the field of construction, Mr. Noushad Koyloth is the pillar of Ether that will take it to great heights and beyond. Knowledge and networks acquired over the years in the field make him perfect as a managing director of Ether.

Siyad Koodathil


Dedicated and passionate about every project he undertakes, Mr. Siyad Koodathil has earned himself the stature of one of the best civil engineers for any project. He is the pillar of Ether that will bring every element to life. It is his hardwork and dedication that makes him perfect as a director of Ether.

Noufal Hassan


Renowned for his breathtaking designs and aesthetic sense, Mr. Noufal Hassan gives Ether it's originality and uniqueness. He is the pillar of Ether that gives soul and beauty to everything he lays hands on. Having had pivotal roles in multiple projects in the Middle East and even in the southern metros, makes his perfect as a director of Ether.